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Good Sound Audiology, PLLC, is a private audiology practice with offices located in Gilbert, Mesa and Sun Lakes, Arizona. Our focus is treating those with various levels of hearing loss so they may enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Through complete audiological evaluations (hearing tests) on all ages, hearing aids, assistive listening devices and other services, we seek to treat individuals with solid solutions for their hearing loss. We take your lifestyle, specific hearing loss and budget into consideration when selecting the right hearing instrument for you. Not all hearing aids are the same, even though they may look the same. We work with all of the leading manufacturers to offer to the absolute best selection and pricing available to meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment or to have your questions answered. [Read More…]

Open House

DISCOVER what you need to know before buying HEARING AIDS

   • Are you embarrassed or frustrated when you misunderstand others?

   • Does someone you know suffer from hearing loss, but does nothing about it?

   • Do you feel like a hearing aid will make you look old?

Find out what it sounds like before you buy!  Our next Open House week is July 17- 21st.  Call to schedule your FREE demonstration and RSVP today!  480-497-0780 for Gilbert or 480-883-2842 for Sun Lakes or 480-634-6100 for Mesa

We Hear You: GSA’s Blog

Educating and staying connected to our patients are an important part of our practice. Our blog is a collection of articles and information from Dr. Jessee and Dr. Streich about hearing loss, patient experiences and links to our favorite resources. We add new articles about once a week so check back often or sign up to get updates via email.

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