Understanding the Bluetooth Feature Available in Many Newer Hearing Aids

If you’ve purchased a new hearing aid during the past couple of years, there is a chance that it has Bluetooth functionality. Although Bluetooth is likely to be most familiar to you as the technology which allows hands-free calling on your cellular phone, it has become a capability on many consumer devices in the last couple of years, including computers, home phones, televisions and mp3 players. The Bluetooth technology in your hearing aid allows you to connect with these devices in new ways, enhancing your listening experience and sound quality.

A hearing aid’s Bluetooth capabilities are typically accessed by a standalone device that’s both compact and easy to use. The controls are typically carried in a pocket or worn around the neck. The controller is used to wirelessly receive sounds from Bluetooth enabled devices and transmit them to your hearing aid. This allows you to hear your phone, TV, or other Bluetooth-compatible device without having to turn the volume up high. You’ll be able to hear your telephone conversations in both ears instead of just one, further increasing your ability to hear.

Controllers for Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are meant to be very simple to use. If you wish to link your hearing aids to a specific Bluetooth device (a television, for example), it’s usually as simple as pushing a button. If you would like to hear your television, simply push the television control button once to turn it on, and then press it again when you want to stop listening. Depending on the particular type of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids you have, you may even be able to access other features as well.

The added safety and comfort that come with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can be particularly important for seniors with limited mobility. More recent designs allow you to be up to thirty feet away from your telephone when making a call, allowing you to get in touch with your family without having to leave your seat. This functionality could be potentially lifesaving in an emergency.

Deciding to buy a hearing aid with Bluetooth functionality allows you to enjoy a crisp, clear listening experience that is difficult to achieve through any other means. Bluetooth is straightforward and has a big impact on your ability to hear, allowing you to hear things you never imagined would be possible.