Summer Book Club Review #3

The hearing loss guide: Useful information and advice for patients and families written by John M. Burkey

The goal of this book is to provide the reader with a first-hand account from others with hearing loss and their family/friends. Hearing loss is not a private disease; it involves anyone and everyone in the person’s communication circle. The advice and comments from each person reflect their personal experiences to many different aspects of hearing loss. I have heard very similar comments from my patients and their communication partner (spouse, child, friend).

“For many, life had become a ‘What’ fest”.

The first part is the basics of hearing & hearing loss, using easy-to-understand terminology. The second part provides the reader with excellent information regarding realistic expectations of hearing loss and hearing aids with comments and advice from real people with hearing aids.

I would recommend the book to anyone that has hearing loss & values customer reviews. The author provides unedited accounts of hearing aid users and their significant communication partners. Most people that post reviews online have something negative to say about their experience. Mr. Burkey fills the pages with a good balance of negative and positive reviews of each person’s experience with hearing loss and hearing aids.



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