Summer Book Club Review #2

The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids: A bridge to healing; Edited by Clinical Audiologist Richard E. Carmen, Au.D., Fourth Edition 2014


The Consumer Handbook will educate you to all things regarding hearing loss. Every chapter is written by an expert in the field. From the emotions involved with hearing loss to improving your listening skills, this handbook has it all. I especially enjoyed reading the chapter titled, “What do the experts say, Ten Questions and Answers”. Dr. James Hall states when asked about poor speech intelligibility, “…if the brain is not processing sound well, then even a person with normal hearing sensitivity for faint sounds may experience serious problems with speech perception and understanding.” We hear with our brains, not our ears. If you are having difficulty hearing or know someone who is having difficulty hearing, read this book.

I recommend this handbook to anyone thinking about hearing aids, hearing loss, and other hearing related issues. The more information you know prior to purchasing hearing aids, the better consumer you will be in the end.

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Dr. Carmen's Handbook

Dr. Carmen’s Handbook

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