Success Stories

Hear What Our Patients Have to Say About Us

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Jessee’s for a couple of years.  I find her knowledgeable, pleasant and patient.  Those of us that don’t hear well require a little extra attention.  She is always professional and makes me feel comfortable.  Nichole is a sweetheart.  The office staff is always accommodating by allowing me to drop in on very short or no notice to have my devices cleaned/repaired.”-Michael S. Mesa, AZ


“Good Sound Audiology was a very good thing for me. Since my first visit I was able to hear so much better. I work with the public and missed so much of what was said. I now do not nod and smile like I understand. The very best thing is now I can talk with my grandchildren and actually hear what they are telling me.”

Mesa, AZ“I love this place.  They are very fair and honest and they don’t push things on people that you don’t need.”   –Mary E., Mesa, AZ


“Good Sound Audiology stays with you and makes sure everything is perfect. They are very professional and have a wealth of knowledge about hearing loss. I am very grateful my doctor recommended Good Sound Audiology for me.”
– O. C., Sun Lakes, AZ


“Overall great experience. Felt very comfortable and was treated with respect. Couldn’t ask for a better experience.”


“The Dr. and her staff was very nice. It was a sudden experience for me to learn I needed to wear hearing aids they made me feel better and called to find out how things were going. You don’t find that concern any more. Thanks for everything.”


“I did not want a hearing aid because of problems people I know that have hearing that do not wear them. Mine work very well and I am glad I got them. I wear all day at work and at home also. Thank you Doctor Jessee.”


“Dr. Tina is very qualified and I felt instant confidence in her from my first visit. Thank you.”


“I was amazed when I went to see Fiddler on the Roof.  I was able to hear everything and it was wonderful.  My hearing isn’t as good as it was when I was young, but it’s definitely better than it’s been in a long time.”  –Spencer H., Mesa, AZ


“I have been particularly impressed with the patience and customer service demonstrated by Dr. Jessee and staff in helping a new patient become accustomed to wearing hearing aids.”


“After 3 weeks of living with hearing aids, I can’t imagine my life without them. I love the flexibility the technology gives me. I have a way to hear in three different worlds… in quiet, church and in noisy restaurants. I’m so happy with my choice to get hearing aids when I did.” –Marsha L., Mesa, AZ


“I was made to feel at ease with Dr. Jessee. I am very satisfied that I was able to come in contact with Dr. Jessee and Good Sound.”


“I love my hearing as I am hearing things I have not heard for a long time. Very professional Dr. and staff. Thanks.”


“Everyone in the office is very friendly and professional. I was very impressed with how relaxed Dr. Jessee made me feel.”


“I love Dr. Jessee and I’m extremely satisfied.  I just bought my second set of hearing aids from her.”  –Mary Z. Chandler, AZ


“Continue with your excellent professionalism and honesty with your clients.”
– K.M., Chandler, AZ

“I trust Dr. Jessee to be up to date on the latest technology and to treat me honestly with a fair price. The office staff is always willing to help quickly and efficiently.”


“[I] was satisfied with my hearing improvement prior to my first follow up appt. I was VERY satisfied with the adjustments in the hardware (earbuds & tubes changed) and the sound level adjustments Dr. Jessee made at my follow up appt. Dr. Jessee is a personable doctor and I appreciate how comfortable she made us feel.” – Kenneth L., Florence, AZ


“If you want to hear again, go see Dr. Jessee.  There are three things I really like about Dr. Jessee:  Her professionalism, her promptness (I never have to wait for my appointment), and her product knowledge.” -Lynn L., Chandler, AZ


“I think Dr. Jessee is fantastic-the way she’s taken care of us. When you call she sees you right away.  My appointments aren’t rushed, she takes her time with every patient.” –Sarah K., Gilbert, AZ




“Dr. Jessee has encouraged me to continue using my hearing aids, even when I thought I might quit.” –Bill T., Mesa, AZ


“My initial visit was to be just a hearing test and evaluation. After a discussion and learning that I could be fitted that day, I was thrilled. I’m really pleased how easy it is to make adjustments, which Dr. Jessee made on several occasions. I am very pleased with my “hearing aid” experience.  –Cheryl M. Florence, AZ



“I am so very happy with everything!”-Gregg H., Gilbert, AZ



“I was reluctant to go to another clinic because of my bad experiences in the past.  I’m happy I’m here and I wouldn’t change for another ear doctor anywhere.  She’s very patient and very thorough.” –Charles G., Chandler, AZ