Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations and Consultations

Your Audiologist will perform a complete hearing evaluation to determine the degree, type, symmetry and configuration of your hearing loss. Using a variety of tests he/she will determine the level of detecting and processing speech. Your hearing thresholds will be established and medically treatable hearing loss will be ruled out. The results will be reviewed with you and if necessary, the appropriate hearing aid for your needs and your listening environments will be determined.


Hearing Aid Selection/Fittings

Once a diagnosis of hearing loss is established, your Audiologist may recommend hearing aids. We offer a large selection of hearing aids from only the largest and most reputable manufacturers. Our ability to choose from different manufacturers assures you that we have your best interest in mind….hearing aids are not one size fits all. We can find a hearing aid that is right for your needs and for your budget.


Hearing Aid Repairs/Programming

With the purchase of any new hearing aids, programming will be required. We have software which allows us to work with and accurately program all leading manufacturer’s hearing aids. Multiple programming visits should be expected to maximize your hearing aid performance. These programming visits are included in the initial cost of your hearing aid from our office. Should your hearing aid need repair we offer a comprehensive in-house laboratory. Our ability to repair your hearing aid in-house means less inconvenience for you. Should a problem arise which we cannot fix, all of our hearing aids come with warranties. After your manufacturer warranty expires we are happy to offer extended warranty packages on all hearing aids.


Cerumen Removal/Ear Cleanings

We offer earwax (cerumen) removal for those with excessive wax or debris. Depending on the degree of impaction, curettes, picks, or suctioning may be implemented to clean your ears.


Middle Ear Evaluations

Tympanometry testing is completed to determine if a middle ear problem may be contributing to your hearing loss. Tympanometry is a measure of the stiffness of the eardrum. This test can be helpful in detecting fluid in the middle ear, negative middle ear pressure, disruption of the ossicles (three small bones of the middle ear), and tympanic membrane perforation.


Acoustic Reflex Testing

This test consists of subjecting the ear to a loud sound to see if it causes the stapedius muscle to tighten the stapes. These reflexes are mainly useful as a crude but non-subjective method of evaluating hearing, as the stapes should tighten for a given level of perceived loudness. Absence or elevation of these reflexes can be a sign of brainstem dysfunction.


Otoacoustic Emissions

This test is used to assess hearing in newborns and is also a method of determining whether the cochlea is functioning. The hair cells respond to a quiet presentation of sounds and generate their own minute sounds which are detected by a microphone. In the presence of hearing loss the cochlea does not generate these sounds.


Other Products

Assistive Listening Devices

Devices such as TV Ears© , amplified phones, vibrating alarm clocks and other devices are helpful to those who wear hearing aids and those who don’t. We also offer customized Bluetooth© technology for cell phone users. We offer this technology for those with normal hearing and for those with hearing loss. Hearing aids are just a part of better hearing. Be aware of the many other resources that are available to give you better and more confident communication.


iPod© and MP3 Player Custom-Molds

Custom molds made to fit over iPod and MP3 player earbuds will keep the earbuds in the ear, especially during active pursuits. They also provide greater comfort when listening for long periods of time.


Hearing Protection Devices

Custom ear-molded protection is recommended for many occupations and tasks. We offer custom noise reduction plugs for all purposes including hunting, occupational, and sleeping. You will be surprised at the many affordable options you have in protecting your hearing.


Musician Earplugs and Monitors

Specifically made for musicians, these plugs will protect hearing yet allow for that broadband response that most musicians enjoy and require. We offer different styles and types and can stay within almost any budget.


Swim Molds

Swim molds are great for keeping water out of your ears. These custom molds come in many colors and also float should they come dislodged. Great for children and adult ears.