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Audiology Services

Good Sound Audiology looks forward to working with you on the evaluation and care of your patients. We hope that we will be able to enhance your practice through prompt consultations and clear communication. Our office staff will do their best to accommodate your patients in a timely manner, generally seeing new patient referrals within 3 business days of calling. Tina Jessee, Au.D. and Valarie Streich, Au.D. provide a full range of diagnostic services for both pediatric and adult populations and is contracted with Medicare and most major insurance plans.

Diagnostic services offered:

  • Conventional pure tone Audiometry:  measures hearing threshold levels to determine type and degree of hearing loss, if present.
  • Pediatric Audiometry:  uses play techniques to help determine the softest level a child can detect sounds, across a broad pitch range.  This type of testing is appropriate for 2 to 4 year olds.
  • Speech Audiometry:  determines a patient’s ability to discern and process speech in a quiet listening environment.
  • Tympanometry:  assesses function of the middle ear system to check for the presence of problems specific to the middle ear space and middle ear bones.
  • Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE):  measures an echo response from a patient’s inner ear (the cochlea) to determine how well the sensory cells of the inner ear are functioning.  Otoacoustic emissions are also used in screening newborn infants for hearing loss.

Hearing Aid evaluations and fittings

Assistive listening devices

Noise plug / Musician plug fittings

Rehabilitative services offered:

  • LACE (Listening and Communication Enhancement):  LACE is a rehabilitation program that provides exercises to help patients improve their listening abilities, especially in the presence of background noise.  LACE will help patients acquire skills and strategies to deal with these less than ideal listening conditions.  It can be used in conjunction with hearing aid use or without.
    • is non-invasive
    • can be administered while the infant is sleeping
    • offers a purely objective measure of hearing
    • accurately estimates threshold levels

ICD-10 Codes Utilized by Audiologists