An Introduction to Today’s Digital Noise Reduction-Enabled Hearing Aids

From a busy sidewalk to a crowded restaurant, you can encounter overpowering amounts of noise almost anyplace. For the hearing aid users, the problem of background noise can be immense. It’s a big challenge to differentiate one sound from the background noise. Fortunately, many newer hearing devices are incorporating a digital noise reduction feature, a type of technology that helps block out unwanted sounds so you can focus on the things you want to hear.

Conversational speech and meaningless noise follow different sound patterns, which digital noise reduction technology is able to pick up on. This is easy to do when speaking to someone in a quiet room as the speech signals are the only sound around. Likewise, if you are listening to someone in a crowded room, your device understands that there noise present. If the device picks up on noise that may impact your ability to hear someone speaking, it automatically turns down the volume in the noisier channels.

There is no hearing aid that can completely block out noise interference, but this function can still go a long way when it comes to lessening the frustration that comes from communicating in noisy areas. Compared to hearing aids that don’t have noise reduction technology embedded, user report better speech sounds and improved comprehension.

Digital noise reduction technology works best when the background noise it is combating is fairly constant. This means that steady sounds such as an air conditioner or engine running are more effectively blocked than dynamic music or a nearby conversation.

Users may wish to consider utilizing other noise reduction strategies in conjunction with their digital noise reduction capable hearing aid. If dining in a crowded restaurant, for example, consider asking to be seated in a quieter part of the room or request that the music playing overhead be turned down.

Digital noise reduction technology is not perfect, but it can go a long way in helping to counteract the unwanted noise you encounter in your day to day life.