How to Get a Hearing Loop Installed in a Theatre or Church

Many businesses and gathering places have made themselves wheelchair accessible, but what about that extra assistance for individuals with hearing problems? With the help of telecoil hearing aids or cochlear implants, hearing loops clarify sounds for hearing challenged individuals, are a less expensive investment than other modifications for the disabled and will bring in more patronage. Sometimes the managers of the venue simplyaren’t aware of how much a hearing loop can help. With a little time and effort you may be able to get them to install one.

Churches, synagogues & mosques. Few places of worship have modern hearing loops installed. Many don’t have any assistance for the hearing impaired. Others are using outdated technology that is inconvenient or hard to use. If this applies to your favorite worship place, bring it to the attention of organizational leaders and be sure to mention how it will make listening to speakers much easier for their members. Outline the idea in a page of your weekly bulletin or community newsletter.

Auditoriums, theaters & athletic arenas. In the United States, it is a legal requirement for pubic assembly spaces to have audio amplification. A hearing loop is an easy way for a venue to comply with this law. Contact the general manager of the venue and ask for a meeting. Be prepared to explain the costs involved as well as the benefits to the patrons and to the venue. For example, accommodating the hearing challenged will increase the number of visitors in these places.

Arm yourself with information. Whether you speak with the people in charge, write a letter or create a poster, it is important to share the facts to create understanding and awareness. Define hearing loop, its function and costs. Have a prepare list of benefits from the patron’s perspective and the venue’s perspective. Entice them with the increases in patronage they will gain. Finally, remain respectful and stay up to date as a resource to your fellow community members.