Summer Book Club Review #1

A review of Frustrated by Hearing Loss? 5 Keys to Communication Success by Dusty Ann Jessen, Au.D.


This is a must read for our patients! I love this handbook for those with hearing loss!


And it is just that, a handbook. A tool for better hearing. You will be able to read it from front to back with great ease. Later, you may go back and review specific sections, as needed. This handbook was designed for you and anyone that communicates with you on a regular basis. Dr. Jessen dissects typical communication breakdowns (i.e. on the telephone) into easy-to-understand sections. She effectively communicates to the reader the reasons for the breakdown and offers the best strategies to help overcome these issues.  Most importantly, there is an added emphasis on the responsibility of the readers to practice, practice, practice the strategies offered in the handbook.


Hearing aids are not a cure for hearing loss, they are aids! They are only one part of the road on the way to better hearing. This handbook is another piece of that road and is a great addition to the classes that I teach in the Sun Lakes office, CHAMP. To become a CHAMP, each person learns how to effectively communicate in different environments, with different speakers, and with the necessary technology. This handbook will reinforce these strategies once you are home!


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Dr. Jessen's Handbook

Dr. Jessen’s Handbook



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