aural rehabIt’s true digital hearing aids today offer patients great quality sound and other advanced features. While they do not restore hearing back to normal, hearing aids help connect you to the people and the places you enjoy the most. However, even with the advanced technology hearing aids offer, there are still important communication strategies we can implement and bring us together with the people we interact with day to day. That’s where an aural rehabilitation program can help!

Our experience and extensive research has proven that using amplification is just one step towards better hearing.  One of the most beneficial steps towards better hearing is aural rehabilitation.  Think of aural rehabilitation as physical therapy for your ears. You expect to have to strengthen a bone and the muscles surrounding it after a break, hearing loss works much in the same way as that broken bone.  Aural Rehabilitation provides ways to strengthen your listening skills, improve your communication skills and generally help you and those who love you cope better with the effects of hearing loss.

Dr. Streich and Dr. Jessee have created a 2-week program, Conversations about Hearing Aid Management Program or CHAMP, which will benefit you and your family, provide better understanding of hearing loss, yield higher satisfaction ratings with your hearing aids, and provide both emotional and acoustical coping strategies for you and your families.  Good Sound Audiology is privileged to work with our patients and their families to optimize their experience with hearing aids. We offer individual or small-group instruction for persons with hearing loss and their families. These sessions are offered to our patients at no-charge at our Sun Lakes office. Small-group sessions typically meet for 2 sessions and are offered throughout the year. Individual instruction is ongoing, please call and set up a time to meet with one of our audiologists.

For more information, contact Dr. Streich at or (480) 883-2842. RSVP’s are required because of limited seating.

CHAMP Small-Group Session meets from 9:00-11:00 am in the Sun Lakes office, call for the next session start date