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Assistive Listening Devices

Captel phone

Devices such as TV Ears© , amplified phones, vibrating alarm clocks and other devices are helpful to those who wear hearing aids and those who don’t. We also offer customized Bluetooth© technology for cell phone users. We offer this technology for those with normal hearing and for those with hearing loss. Hearing aids are just a part of better hearing. Be aware of the many other resources that are available to give you better and more confident communication.


iPod© and MP3 Player Custom-Molds

Custom iPod_MP3 Earmolds
Custom molds made to fit over iPod and MP3 player earbuds will keep the earbuds in the ear, especially during active pursuits. They also provide greater comfort when listening for long periods of time.



Soundgear Custom

Hearing Protection Devices

Custom ear-molded protection is recommended for many occupations and tasks. We offer custom noise reduction plugs for all purposes including hunting, occupational, and sleeping. You will be surprised at the many affordable options you have in protecting your hearing. Learn more about SoundGear and other products offered here.



Musician Earplugs and MonitorsCustom Musican Plugs

Specifically made for musicians, these plugs will protect hearing yet allow for that broadband response that most musicians enjoy and require. We offer different styles and types and can stay within almost any budget.



Custom Ear Plug

Swim Molds

Swim molds are great for keeping water out of your ears. These custom molds come in many colors and also float should they come dislodged. Great for children and adult ears.




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