Dr. Karg’s Book Club

Dr. Karg’s 2015 Summer Book Club


Hearing loss is a devastating, invisible disease.


I cannot say this enough. Hearing loss is a disease that negatively affects most of us at some point in our lives. Whether is a family member, friend or yourself that has hearing loss, this disease will impact how you interact with other people.

However, as with any disease, the more you are aware of how hearing loss can impact you; the better you are able to handle the consequences of hearing loss. I have listed my summer collection of books for reading and discussion. In order to take care of you, I would like to empower each one of you to educate yourself on hearing loss and how to start the road to better hearing.

As I finish each book, I will write my own review. I encourage any feedback from you, as well.

Click on the title to the right to view/print the list  Dr. Karg’s Summer Book Club List 2015


  1. The consumer handbook on hearing loss and hearing aids: A bridge to healing; Edited by Clinical Audiologist Richard E. Carmen, Au.D., Fourth Edition 2014
  2. The hearing loss guide: Useful information and advice for patients and families; John M. Burkey
  3. Frustrated by hearing loss? 5 Keys to communication success; Dusty Ann Jessen
  4. Shouting won’t help; Katherine Bouton
  5. Living better with hearing loss: A guide to health, happiness, love, sex, work, friends….hearing aids; Katherine Bouton
  6. Hearing loss tips: For those who have it and those who don’t; Linneae Mallette


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